Properly Fit N95 Respirators:

Understanding Respirator Mask Programs

1. Respirator Medical Questionnaire

A Respirator Medical Questionnaire is a standardized form that must be completed by a licensed health care professional prior to a fit test (step 2) being conducted. The questionnaire can be completed online, and the Occupational Health Nurse will contact the employee if there are any concerns. The questionnaire is required only once for the duration of the employee’s employment with the company unless there is a change in the employee’s health history. To properly perform the respirator medical questionnaire, the health care professional should have a copy of the employer’s Respirator Protection Policy.

2. Respirator Mask Fit-Testing*

The second step is to have a mask fit tested. The fit test is required annually is specific to the mask that the employee will be wearing. The employee should be fit tested with any additional PPE that they will wear simultaneously such as goggles or hearing protection.

There are two types of fit testing:

Quantitative – uses an instrument called a PortaCount to provide a numeral value to assure a proper fitment. (This type of testing requires a hole to be punched in an N95 mask.)

Qualitative – is a pass/fail test that relies upon the employees’ sense of taste or smell to determine fitment. (This type of testing allows for reuse of the mask.)

* – KN95’s are not the same product as an N95 respirator and do not require respirator fit testing due to their design.

Both Steps Are Critical In Making Sure Your Respirators Are Providing Proper Protection

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